Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Autumn River

 Somehow I always find myself wanting to go back to paintings rivers, so I do. So I'm working on keeping my brush strokes loose so the paintings I paint will have more of a free flowing feel to them. I'm always tempted to go in and try to add more fine detail but for me, at this point in my painting practice anyway, fussing over tiny details takes the joy out of painting and I actually want my work to look more like paintings and not like some photographic replica.. if that makes sense.

The painting itself is actually quite bright and seems to show up a little darker on the computer screen. I'm thinking about painting this on a larger canvas just because I really love the country red hues and dappled sky, and just how this came together in general. It's painted on a 6x6 archival canvas board.


  1. I agree. If painting details takes the fun out of it, then the art suffers. Great painting!